Extended Warranty * for your Chevrolet Malibu

A VSC provides coverage to help prepare you for the inevitability of vehicle repairs so that you know expenses will be covered. Find out more!

The Chevrolet Malibu is the car brand’s mid-size vehicle, which has been manufactured since the mid-60s. When it reached the mid-80s model years, it took a hiatus before resurfacing on the car scene in 1997 and is still in production today. The body and style of the Malibu has changed quite drastically over the years, but has remained a car people rely on for its highway mileage (36 mpg) and high ratings across the board by the industry’s top critics.

Under the Chevrolet standard warranty program, drivers can choose from a basic, 3-year/36,000-mile warranty or a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain for their Malibu. Those with a valid powertrain manufacturer warranty also receive coverage under the brand’s courtesy transportation program. This includes emergency towing, 24-hour roadside assistance, flat tire changes, and jump starts through the length of the warranty.

But have you considered what you’ll do when your warranty expires? Out-of-pocket costs for major vehicle components, like the engine or transmission, would cost hundreds of dollars for parts and labor. However, with a vehicle service contract (VSC), you’d have coverage for these parts and many others, depending on the policy you choose. Through CarSure, you’d also have access to free towing, free roadside assistance, and reimbursement for a rental car, if applicable. All of these associated costs can quickly add up, so by securing a VSC, you have the opportunity to save money whenever a major repair is needed for your car.

One of the invaluable parts about a VSC is the peace of mind it gives you as a driver. Car problems always happen at the least opportune times and can put you into a financial bind. A VSC provides coverage to help prepare you for the inevitability of vehicle repairs so that you know expenses will be covered. Find what plan you qualify for by submitting the make, model, and mileage of your car and receive a free quote. One of our friendly representatives will be happy to go over details about the policies and answer any questions you may have. Find out how a VSC can benefit you today.

*Estimates from repairpal.com

A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as an “extended warranty,” but it is not a warranty. A VSC does, however, provide repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. A VSC is a contract between you and a VSC provider or administrator that states what is a covered repair and what is not.

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